Jun 28, 2012

Substance of work

Dyeing materiel (Used Tea, Mahogani wood dust, Jack wood dust)
Steaming the fabric with the dyeing materiel

After 20 Minutes
A stage of Dyeing process

A stage of Dyeing process

After completing the Dyeing process

Jun 27, 2012

                                We will begin working for  SOME Project

                                                  04th February 2012

Lighting the Traditional Oil lamp by Mr. Kithsiri Tennakoon (Director of Sputnik), Mr. Wasantha (in charge of Some project) and the staff member.
Some event of starting day.

Jun 26, 2012


On 07th November 2011

Waiting to welcome the Guests

Welcoming the Chief Guest Mrs. Mieko Toyama (Director NPO Society for human body and Spirit) by Mr. Eshantha (Chairman of Sputnik International Sri Lanka Organization)

Opening the Somekobo project by Mrs. Mieko Toyama

Pirith Chanting altogether after opening the project

Japanese Sponsors with Mrs. Mieko Toyama

Ligiting the Oil Lamp by the Director, NPO Society for Human body and Spirit in Japan

Traditional dancing by Sputnik Girls

Presenting the Demonstration by Miss Yuko Ishii

Giving the experience of Mind relaxing exercise by NPO staff